Summer Success Tip


There is so much research that has proven the benefits of reading books from birth to adulthood.
Reading books promotes growth in ALL aspects of cognitive, social, and emotional development. 
Not only is it good for us, reading is fun! 

Here are some simple strategies to promote daily reading for your whole family:

1. Go to the library. It is a great, free resource that has a thousands of books for every member of the family
and an expert librarian to help in the process of choosing the perfect book. There are also fun, free programs and activities
offered throughout the year. Make going to the library a weekly practice and with library cards in hand, the whole family can
reap the benefits of reading book!

Milton Library:

Alpharetta Library:

2. Find out what the age appropriate reading time is for each member of your family and then make it a daily goal to achieve.
Remember that for school aged kids, reading done in and for school, is usually not considered as part of this time. A great way to begin
is to substitute reading for technology. “Unplugging” is a great way to not only build the imagination, but create more family time.
There are endless adventures to be found in the pages of a book and then discussed and shared.

3. Include reading as part of your family’s day. Encourage kids to bring a book along. Whether it’s reading in the car during 
what would otherwise be “wasted” tine in traffic, sitting in the doctor’s, dentist’s waiting room, or bedtime reading, you will be
amazed at how much reading time can be “discovered” each day.