Rewards Point Activity

Summer vacation is here and, if they haven’t already, parents will eventually hear their kids say, “I’m bored!”

“HOW can kids today possibly be bored when they have TV, video games, computers . . . ?” is what most parents have asked themselves, each other, and their kids in response. Most parents have also added the inevitable, “when I was your age we didn’t have . . . but we had fun! “ in the next breath.

For 30 FUN things for kids to do without technology, go to . . .…/

and have your family work through the list : )


Along with your parents, read the list of activities included in the above link. 
What are THREE of your own favorite things to do WITHOUT technology?
Describe what you enjoy most about each of these activities.
Explain to a friend why they should “disconnect” and try the activities you have described.

REMEMBER to use all proper grammar rules including complete sentences, punctuation, and spelling.