Rewards Point Activity

"Teachers spend an average of four to eight weeks every fall reviewing and reteaching material that students have forgotten during the long summer break. Many students lose the equivalent of one to two months of reading and math skills during the summer and do not score as well on standardized tests as students who continue to learn during the summer. The effect is cumulative: Each summer a student isn’t learning adds up and can have a long-term impact on overall performance in school."

For "10 fun ways to keep your child learning this summer," go to:…/summer-learning-activities-t…/


Describe in detail the activities you are doing during the summer to maintain your academics. 
Read the list of "10 fun ways . . . " from the link above and choose 3 that you think would be interesting to you and explain why.
List 3 things you could add to your current summer schedule that you think would help you be successful when you return to school.

REMEMBER to answer using all proper grammar rules including complete sentences, spelling and punctuation.