Rewards Point Activity

At some point, every citizen has probably thought . . . “If I were president, I would .. . “

Well, here's a chance to give it a try . . .

“How would you run the country? Being the leader of a nation is a tough job.Play this game and find out about some of the important decisions you would have to make. After you are finished, you will get a report on your progress.”

Go to:…/games…/electiongame/game.asp


1. If you were president of the United States of America, what 3 things would you do to make the country a better place?
2. Describe in detail the what, how, and why of your choices.
3. Why would you make a great president? Describe 3 qualities you possess that would make you a great leader.
4. Who would you choose as your Vice President? What qualities do they have that caused you to choose them?

REMEMBER to follow all proper grammar rules including complete sentences, correct spelling, and punctuation.