Rewards Point Activity

“When I was your age . . . “ As much as that is something most of us heard from our parents when we were growing up, and vowed we would NEVER say to our children, most of us have uttered those exact words at one time or another.

Our children are growing up in a technology driven, global economy and have exposure and access to more goods and services than ever existed In our world.

“Teach your child the value of saving and spending wisely. These games and tips will help him learn about the value of money . . . “

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1. Plan your dream vacation. Describe in detail where it would take place, what you would do there and who you would take along.
2. With help from your parents, do some research on the budget you would need. Show your math for these costs – (ex. 5 days in a hotel that costs $150. = $750. )
3. Remember to include transportation, lodging, food, gifts, admission tickets, souvenirs, etc . . . 
4. After planning and reviewing the cost of your trip, what did you learn, what surprised you?

REMEMBER to follow all proper grammar rules including complete sentences, correct spelling, and punctuation.